Cuban coffee isn't just our favorite drink, it's a symbol of our culture.

To start your morning right… a pick-me-up at work… the perfect ending to a satisfying meal… something to catch up over – there are plenty of great times for coffee. You’ll find that Zaza Cuban Comfort Food serves our own locally roasted blends. We hand select our beans, and have fresh roasted batches delivered to our doors at least once a week. At Zaza Cuban Comfort Food, coffee is not just a drink – it’s an experience that is part of our Familia tradition. The aroma, the tantalizing flavors – “Espresso Yourself” at Zaza Cuban Comfort Food.

Coffee beans

Zaza Coffee available for purchase by the bag

Light Roast Coffee

Light Roast Beans
12oz. Bag

Our light roast starts with aromas of caramel and milk chocolate then flavors of berries and vanilla with notes of black tea. It has a juicy well balanced sweet and acidic body with a medium and nice aftertaste.

Familia Tradition Coffee

Cuban Espresso Beans
12oz. Bag

Our Cuban espresso roast starts with aromas of dark chocolate and almonds. Its body is well balanced with citrus acidity and creamy textures. Flavors of caramel and dark chocolate give it a long aftertaste and then finishes with a hint of tobacco.

Decaf Coffee

Decaf Beans 12oz. Bag

Our decaf coffee has been decaffeinated in a healthy natural way called Swiss water processed. This process helps conserve the coffee beans’ inherent characteristics. Our decaf has a sweet and fruity aroma with creamy textures of floral, apricot and berry flavors with chocolate notes at the end.

Dark Roast Coffee

Dark Roast Beans
12oz. Bag

This dark roast starts with aromas of cacao and black plum with intense flavors of dark chocolate, brown sugar and roasted nuts and ends with a full body of oaky smoky notes.

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